Your Puppies First Veterinary Check-Up

Mar 19, 2022

It's important for your puppy to have a regular veterinary check-up at an early age, even if you think that everything will be fine. This way, he or she can have any issues addressed as early as possible. During the check-up, the veterinarian will look over your puppy from head to tail, and check its skin, ears, eyes, and gut. He or she will also make sure your puppy has been microchipped and is up to date on vaccinations.

Your puppy's first trip to the vet will typically involve getting a complete physical examination. The veterinarian will weigh your puppy and check its coat, eyes, ears, and heart. They'll also look at your puppy's teeth and conduct a physical exam. In addition to an exam, your puppy will get its first vaccination, usually at around eight to ten weeks old. The second vaccination is usually scheduled for two or three weeks after the first.

Once at the veterinarian's office, you and your puppy will need to fill out a form with basic information about your puppy. Your puppy's name, sex, date of birth, and veterinary care will make this easier. During the physical exam, be sure to bring a list of questions and concerns. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Your Roseville veterinarian will be happy to answer all of them!

Your puppy will need to be vaccinated twice in its first two weeks. Vaccinations will cover her against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and other diseases. Besides vaccinations, your puppy will need to be examined for birth defects. You should also discuss your puppy's spay/neuter plan with the veterinarian at this stage. It's important to have this procedure done as soon as possible.

During this visit, your puppy will be examined by a veterinarian. They will ask you questions about your puppy's medical history and diet, and will weigh your puppy. They will also discuss her current health status. Your pup may need to be microchipped to be adopted. If your pup has a healthy immune system, it's important to keep it microchipped. If your puppy has a heart condition, he or she will need to undergo surgery.

You should be prepared for the check-up. It's a normal nervous experience for new dog owners. Nevertheless, it is important for your puppy to feel comfortable and confident when it's visiting the veterinarian. Moreover, it's important to be calm and relaxed during this first visit. While the vet will do their best to make you feel at ease, your puppy will also be happy and healthy.