After a Motorcycle Accident, Who Can Sue?

Jun 25, 2022

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering who can sue and for how much. Your attorney can help you determine who is responsible. Before you file a claim, make sure to call 911 for an immediate medical treatment. Medical records will document your injuries. Additionally, you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney specialist as soon as possible. An attorney will know how to gather all the necessary evidence to support your claim.

After a motorcycle accident, you can file a claim for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering refers to your physical discomfort and psychological distress. Although major physical injuries get all the headlines, many people suffer from brain damage that may take years to recover from. This kind of injury is life changing, and you deserve compensation. The attorneys at our firm are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve.

After a motorcycle accident, you have two years to file a lawsuit. While you may want to try to work out the insurance claims process first, you should also consider filing a lawsuit. It's best to start the lawsuit process as soon as possible after the accident. However, you should be careful not to miss the statute of limitations in California. If you miss this deadline, you will be left with nothing but a large bill.

You can sue the negligent driver if the accident was not your fault. This way, you can seek compensation for your injuries and medical bills. However, you should be aware of the importance of hiring an attorney to represent you. Remember that a motorcycle accident lawyer's fee is worth more than a thousand dollars, so it is crucial to hire a qualified attorney to maximize your chances of winning your suit.

If you are unable to contact the insurance company yourself, hire a lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer has the experience necessary to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and get the compensation you deserve. Your motorcycle accident attorney will fight for the best settlement possible for you and help you avoid unnecessary paperwork. After the accident, your lawyer will start collecting the necessary evidence and information that will help you win your lawsuit. If the insurance company can't cover your expenses, your attorney will negotiate with them on your behalf to help you get a settlement that will cover your medical bills.

Whether or not you can sue the driver of another vehicle can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. In California, the law considers each party's percentage of fault in the accident. Thus, a motorcyclist may be responsible for only 20 percent of the accident, while the other driver is only responsible for 80%. In such situations, if you can prove that the negligent driver was responsible for the accident, the other driver will have to compensate you for 80 percent of the full motorcycle injury claim.

You may also be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and hospital visits. You may also be able to recover wrongful death benefits if the accident caused a fatality. Personal injury protection laws vary by state, but you can always hire an attorney to represent your interests. It will cost you nothing to hire an attorney, and you may receive the compensation you deserve. After all, it is important to be treated fairly after an accident.